Friends & Family Campaign

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Friends & Family Campaign

Beitrag  jaycee am Mo 21 Jul 2008, 21:34

Receive $200 (€127 or £100) in rebate on Neonode N2 and 50 % discount on all accessories *
Are you a family member or friend of Neonode – i.e. are you a
shareholder in Neonode Inc or a current owner of a Neonode product?
Then you, all your friends and family are entitled to buy the
Neonode N2 for as low as $199, €123 or £99 depending on choice of
currency and receive an additional 50% discount on accessories
available in the web shop!
All you have to do to receive this web shop discount is to;

  1. Buy your favorite Neonode products in the web shop,
  2. E-mail the IMEI number of your current Neonode product** (Friends) or the proof of your stock ownership in Neonode (Family) to or by fax: 46 8 678 18 51.
  3. When verified that you are Friend or Family, the credit card used
    will be credited $200, €127 or £100 for each Neonode N2 and an
    additional 50% discount on all accessories purchased.

* The campaign runs between 2008- 07-21– 2008-08-31 or until the
inventory is sold. Neonode reserve the right for sell out before the
end date of this campaign. Local VAT and shipping regulations applies
and may vary for each available market.

** Please note that currently owned Neonode products must have
been purchased prior to the start of this campaign and that the
offering only applies to products bought after 2008-07-21.


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