Neonode News September - zForce in Sony eBook Reader

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Neonode News September - zForce in Sony eBook Reader

Beitrag  jaycee am Do 02 Sep 2010, 10:15

Neonode Inc. (NEON.OB), the leading provider of optical touch screen solutions for hand-held and small to midsize devices, today announced that Sony has launched its new product line of Sony Readers, which uses Neonode's optical touch screen technology that has been customized for Sony. For more information:

Neonode's patented touch screen technology, zForceTM, supports high resolution pen writing in combination with market leading finger navigation including gestures, multi-touch, sweeps and much more. zForceTM uses no overlay (like resistive and capacitive touch screens) on top of the e-ink display thus creating a 100% clear window free from reflexes and parallax effects and produces a true paper like experience.

"We are very pleased to announce the most recent successful deployment of our zForceTM touch screen solution," said Thomas Eriksson, CEO of Neonode Technologies AB. "Our zForceTM touch screen with fast, accurate, low power and high resolution pen support in combination with full finger support will greatly improve the user and reader experience."


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