Ist der Palm Pre eigentlich ein Nachbau des Neonode Earth ?!

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Ist der Palm Pre eigentlich ein Nachbau des Neonode Earth ?!

Beitrag  jaycee am Sa 31 Jan 2009, 23:39

Neonode Earth / Thomas Eriksson:
"The new interface is a much more robust platform, featuring a
homescreen made up of a number of small widget-like icons, all updating
live with things like RSS feeds, phone logs, weather, and mail. The UI
is still meant to be operated via one hand, though Thomas confirmed
that the device would sport a virtual QWERTY keyboard, and would
deliver more PIM / smartphone features than we've seen from them in the
past. The design of the interface is still being tweaked, but it looks
very contemporary to current and future phone OSs we've been seeing,
with lots of nice shading and alpha layers. From the little we peeped,
this platform could be a contender if handled correctly."

Naja, zForce hat es zwar nicht aber alles läßt sich mit einem Daumen bedienen !
Evtl. sind ja Konzepte aufgekauft worden !?


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