Es gibt eine neue Firmware 2.1.552.5

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Es gibt eine neue Firmware 2.1.552.5

Beitrag  jaycee am Fr 26 Sep 2008, 18:03

für alle die bisher Probleme mit der Installation hatten gibt es nun die neue
Firmware :
Release notes -- Fixed issue where installation could fail
und es gibt eine limitierte N2 Edition "Backyard Babies" für 250€:

Neonode N2 Black in a Backyard Babies Limited Edition
Special Limited Edition loaded with BYB material such as the complete new album “Backyard Babies”

Purchase the Neonode N2 Black – Backyard Babies Limited Edition for
as low as $353, €250, or £200, depending on choice of currency, and
make use of the outstanding multimedia capabilities of this touch
screen phone.
In a joint effort, Neonode and BYB presents the Neonode N2 Black
Backyard Babies Limited Edition consisting of the complete new album
“Backyard Babies”, a bonus track, video and numerous ringtones and BYB
wallpapers – all for as low as $353, €250 or £200.
The notorious Swedish rock band released its latest album, “Backyard
Babies” on August 13, 2008 and it went straight to the top of the
Swedish charts. Backyard Babies over their 20 year history has become
one of Sweden’s best known rock bands and has released 6 albums, won a
Grammy and also reached the rest of the world by their tattooed
Included in the Neonode N2 Backyard Babies Limited Edition:

  • The complete new album “Backyard Babies”
  • Bonus track
  • Video “Fuck Off and Die”
  • Ring tones
  • Wallpapers

Backyard Babies are currently on tour and will be visiting; UK,
Germany, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Spain, Japan, Finland, Austria,
Switzerland, Russia, Holland, France, Portugal, Hungary, Czech
Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia. Check out the full
details about the tour at:
The Neonode N2 Backyard Babies version is a limited edition only,
offered until inventory is sold out. Local VAT and shipping regulations
applies and may vary for each available market.

"The Neonode N2 is a real odd bird compared to its competitors,
but that's just what we like. The N2 has a cool design and an
alternative feel. We especially like the rugged black surface and that
it has the form factor of an actual dog tag," Dregen, Backyard Babies'
lead guitarist says.


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